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* You might hear some wacky things from time to time, but you're legally forbidden from sharing these calls with anyone else. You don't even get to tell your spouse, "Hey, come listen to this!" There are very strict laws in place regarding who is allowed to listen to a recorded phone call. Our clients have signed documents that give listening privileges only to authorized Humanatic reviewers who are being monitored by our software.

** A conflict of interest is a hard thing to define, so think of it this way: If you were reviewing a phone call for the Acme Car Dealership and the Acme managers knew everything about you, would they object and request someone else to review their calls? Just because you're a college student who isn't currently employed, you still shouldn't review car dealership calls if your older sister works on the sales lot for one of Acme's competitors. If ever you're in doubt, just reach out to the Humanatic team and we'll get you a new batch of calls.

*** Humanatic users are only permitted to have and maintain one account. If a user is found accessing more than one account, all accounts in violation will be removed without further notice.